Monday, March 18, 2013

Mini and Macy

 Mini lives with Davey and Holly and her family in Canada.   You might remember Davey's story; if you didn't get a chance to read it take some time to do so. It will help you see the kind of heart Holly has for rescued pets.

Anyway,  Holly was working at the shelter where she got Davey and continuing to volunteer showing available dogs on weekends  for various rescue groups. 

One of the dogs she showed was named Mini. Around this time Holly started taking her daughter Macy with her to the shows. Macy was four years old, and Mini the chihuahua fit perfectly in her sweet little arms, so that became Macy's official job.

Of course Macy loved Mini and looked forward to shows and visiting the shelter. The relationship, however, became very reciprocal. Mini would get super excited to see Macy, and if anyone else tried to hold Mini at showings, Mini would squirm and cry to get back to Macy!  

Eventually Holly talked her husband into coming to the shelter to see Mini and help her clean.  Holly had never envisioned having a chihuahua, but the connection between Macy and Mini was undeniable.  As she and her husband left the shelter that day he remarked that he was surprised they weren't taking her home with them.  

That was all Holly needed to hear, and Mini came to join the menagerie of a Cocker Spaniel named Maui, a guinea pig, Davey, and three cats in September of 2010.  She has likewise made the journey from Kansas to Canada and is adjusting to her life there.

HAHA just look at that picture up there. Mini is loving life and clearly making the most of it! She knows she hit the jackpot in Holly’s house. 

I’m not finished sharing the animals Holly has saved either! We will devote another entry to Maui and Gracie with more pictures and happy tails. It’s easy when Holly takes such AMAZING pictures and is willing to share them with us.

Speaking of sharing, time is running out to get your Sleeping Pets Pictures in for Wednesday’s Photo Share. We also need more rescue stories so keep them coming!

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