Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sleeping (Grab) Bag

I took the above picture on a summer day when Wiley was just not interested in getting out of bed.  As you might be able to infer from the alarm clock in the top right corner, his back legs are on our pillows. I think he looks like an orangutan in this picture, because his front legs look freakishly long from this angle.  And yes, he does have them resting on a pile of blankets, extending straight out into the air.  There are cuter pictures than this one of sleeping pets, but this is one of my favorites anyway.  Wiley seems so relaxed and comfortable and at peace. Readers, I know some of you know exactly what I mean when I say he was a scared shell of a dog when we brought him home.  This pose, this moment captured in time, reminds me that we have brought him as much happiness as he has brought us.   


Now a humorous segue.

Okay, onto the rest! With winter limping along to a close, I guess I'm celebrating the concept of hibernation with all these sleeping posts. Nonetheless, I spend a lot of time on the internet looking at images of animals. Seriously. Way too much time for a grown woman.    Today I can at least justify that time spent by sharing some of my personal favorites about sleeping. They all produce reactions, whether I'm laughing or "squeeing" as it's called these days.  The pictures are hyperlinked to their sources if you want to track them down.

I just . . . can't. . . even. . . 

These dogs are brilliant.

This is how I feel every day when I get home from work.

 When I first looked at this I thought "Is this a Husky or is it a Malamute?"  Then I thought "Who cares?  It's flippin' adorable!"

I am terrified of visiting Australia. Between the poisonous insects and serpents, the "dust-wave," the exposure to sun (I am so white I refract sunshine), and the chances of running into Russell Crowe, I'm totally okay with the idea of never going there. But if I could just see this one time, in person, I would go.

And now,  I treat you to one solid minute of warm fuzzy feelings via this pug puppy who cannot stay awake. Click on the pic.

Okay, that should bring you enough smiles to get through the rest of your Thursday.  Don't forget you can still submit your sleeping pet pictures for next week. Check out what everyone else has submitted so far on yesterday's post.  As always, we welcome your own rescue stories.

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