Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday's Gratitude: Must Love Dogs

Yesterday was the 14th year anniversary of the day I met my husband. It was a fix-up by a student at the school I was teaching in at the time, and it was a very romantic setting-a high school playoff basketball game. haha.

Hubbie's cousin (whose dog Barney we featured a few weeks ago) was a cheerleader at the school, and I was filling in for the cheerleading coach as a favor.  It was a task I was dreading, but God and fate had plans for me and here we are 14 years later.

So today I am expressing my gratitude that I found a man who loves dogs. When we met he had his own dog, Mac, who became our dog soon thereafter. Poor Hubs is sick this weekend, and leaving for a long road-trip south.

He is an assistant baseball coach at Div II Kutztown University in southeastern Pennsylvania, and they are headed to North Carolina for some games. The poor guy is up to his eyeballs in work for grad class, packing for the trip, and coughing.  Yet as he went out to his car to retrieve his baseball equipment to pack it, he couldn't resist spending a few moments playing with Wiley, who was making the most out of the surprise snow we are dealing with here in Pennsylvania.

Wiley has a very strange habit he came with from the shelter. While fetch is his ABSOLUTE FAVORITE, and he will return the ball over and over again, he will NOT let it go in anyone's hand. He'll only lay it down nearby. You can see Hubs trying to take it out of his mouth, and Wiley is not "playing tug," he just flat-out won't let it go.  I haven't been able to train my husband to stop trying to win.



I'm including some other pictures I took of Wiley frolicking. The quality is average at best because an iphone around sunset isn't an ideal tool for action shots, but he was having too much fun to not take pictures. Fingers crossed this is the last photo opportunity for winter action shots this season.


Want to know what crazy eyes look like?  I can read dogs' minds, and I know what he's thinking here. "BALLLLLLL. BALL. BALL. THROW IT!"

It was almost impossible to get him to stand still to take a picture.

By the time we came in his tongue was just about on the ground, but he certainly had  a lot of fun, and considering I couldn't wake him this morning once he found this comfy position:

he certainly found some energy as the day wore on.

So, that was our day yesterday. How was yours? What was the weather like?  Did you get any good pictures outdoors?  That is going to be our next photo share. . .the Great Outdoors. This week we will still be sharing the sleeping pictures (and it's not too late to get yours in), but the next request will be any outdoor photos of your pets. Don't forget to share your rescue story too!  Happy St Patrick's Day to our Irish friends and all those who are celebrating!

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