Monday, March 11, 2013


 A few weeks ago I shared the story of Stanley and Stella.

I hope I get this right: from left-Stanley, Stewie, Stella
 At that time Stanley's mom, Niki, shared with me that she had also fostered a dog named Stewie.  I have been wanting to hear from a foster parent since I started the blog.  

It takes a special kind of person and a special set of circumstances to open one's home and heart to a dog who is only going to be there temporarily.  I have tremendous respect for the people who charge themselves with the task of getting a dog ready for his/her furever home.  Sometimes I think they do a lot of the hard work so others can reap the benefits. 

In Stewie's case, Niki saw him on Facebook. It was his last day at the pound, and she couldn't accept that. She contacted the same rescue organization through which she got Stanley, Big Hearts Little Paws, and they agreed to sponsor him if she fostered him.  

Niki wasted no time pulling him from the pound and driving him directly to the vet.  He had fleas, parasites, and severe luxating patellas, which means his back leg comes out of its socket and won't go back in.

Stewie on his first day of freedom from the pound

Stew kept his sweetness through all his suffering, and with Niki's help he fattened up (very necessary) and enjoyed every opportunity to cuddle on any available lap.

Niki and Stewie went for a car ride one day to pick up her son at school. That's when Stewie met his furever mom, a teacher! She made arrangements to have a sleepover with Stewie and that's where he's been ever since.  Niki gets to see him from time to time and hear updates about him, which is the best of all possible scenarios. 

Niki is an angel who has literally saved lives. Wiley and I really appreciate her foster story since it offers a different perspective from what we've seen so far. If any other foster families out there would like to share their rescue story we'll gladly post it here for our readers.  Now. . . have you submitted your photos of sleeping pets yet?  Come on-I'm running the next batch on Wednesday!

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