Sunday, April 27, 2014

Prom Night

As many teachers can attest, there is much more to the job than the hours in the classroom each day. Each grade level brings its own challenges beyond the typical, but high school tends to mean attending lots of community activities, like football games and drama club plays. It certainly isn't required, but in a small school like ours the students know when their teachers are present, and the appreciation goes a long way.  One of the perks of teaching is chaperoning the prom. 

Of course we're not required to do it, but many of my friends and I volunteer to do it each year. It's a chance to see the students at their best. Something about the fancy clothes and the change of venue brings out their sophisticated side, and yet they seem to have a blast once that music comes on. The shoes come off and they look pretty worn out by the end of the night.

Between my own high school career and my years teaching I have been to 20 proms at various schools, and I've never seen kids have as much fun as they do at the school in which I currently teach.  Again, the perks of a small school. . . the students are comfortable around each other. They go out of their way to be inclusive, and they even request "oldies" from the DJ so they can get their teachers out on the dance floor. 

This year's theme was The Great Gatsby. Now since the movie came out last year everything has been coming up Gatsby, but the 1920s have always been near and dear to my heart. Hubs and I even had a 20s themed wedding 10 very short years ago. While the students (and chaperones) typically don't dress to match the theme, I did feel the need to go with the feathered headband as my salute to Daisy Buchanan. 

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to dress Wiley in his top hat and tie, even though he let me know he would not be a very good date.

 Each of the chaperones got to take home a centerpiece, and they were gorgeous this year. I love hydrangeas, and I really liked the gold accents. I tried to get a picture that did the flowers justice but I'm not sure I managed. 

Wiley looked handsome in his hat of course.

Not every dog can pull this look off.

He did have some questions about the novel The Great Gatsby.  I told him he should just read it himself, but he begged for the details.

Look at his face when I told him how it ends!

Yeah, we all feel that way Wiley.  Sorry to ruin it.  The prom itself went much better than the novel!

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Feline Friday

My dear blog readers. . .  I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I have, however, hurt my back, and thus a combination of muscle relaxers and a lack of sleep made it near impossible to both work all day and then come home and blog. I'm sorry. I do, however, want to share my feline  fur-nephews on this lovely Feline Friday.

Below we have Creamsicle and Caesar.  Although Caesar is a bit blurry, I love how they both sort of look like they were caught in the act. hahaha

However, the picture below really takes the Creamsicle Cake.  Caesar is a good sport to put up with that abuse. 

In this picture Creamsicle is hanging out with Mr. Fluffypants.

I'm not going to lie; it takes a great deal of restraint not to steal Mr. Fluffypants when I visit my brother and sister-in-law. He is stunning.  

And finally we have Brutus. Brutus is an absolute sweetie. Here he is being cuddled by my niece Olivia last Halloween.

And here he is returning the favor a few months later.

Now, in case you couldn't guess, my brother is a history teacher, hence the names Brutus and Caesar. However, his toddler named Mr. Fluffypants, and Olivia named Creamsicle. It makes for quite the interesting collection of names does it not?

Speaking of history. . . my niece Sadie's birthday is March 15, and I happened to snap this picture of Brutus and Caesar hanging out together at her birthday party. WATCH YOUR BACK CAESAR!!! Don't turn it to Brutus on the Ides of March!

Well, that's all for our Feline Friday.  Do you have any cute cats you want to share? How about any rescue stories? Email me anytime at

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

Happy Easter everyone! Whether your plans are solemn or secular, bunny-rabbits or church, egg hunts or ham dinner, or all of the above, Wiley and Jenny took a few moments out of their very busy schedule of chasing each other, sleeping, eating, grooming themselves, and jostling for space on Hubs and my laps, just to get all Easter-y for you!  First we tried out the bunny glasses.

They didn't really sit right on Wiley's big nose but he was still a champ about it.

Believe me I tried with Jenny, but this was the closest I could get her to them without risking my hand being shredded to pieces.

After that I put the ears on Wiley, and he's had so many things put up there by now that he didn't even flinch.

Next I presented him with the Easter basket. 

 I really was hoping to get him to pick it up by the handle, but we just haven't mastered that yet.

I showed it to Jenny as well.

She was mostly interested in the green grass inside. I got paper instead of the plastic stuff. Not only is it better for the environment but I also figured she might get into it a bit, and I know that plastic grass can get stuck inside their digestive system and cause all kinds of problems, even fatalities. 

Wiley was, as usual, far more cooperative than Jenny, although I swear in the picture below his expression says "Mom, I'm begging you. Stop with the bunny pics."

In fact, there's a trend going around Instagram right now, it's called "If My Dog Was Human," or as it would be represented there, #ifmydogwashuman.  Now, the English teacher in me just needs to point out that it should be "If My Dog WERE Human." There, I feel better. Anyway, if Wiley were any human in the above picture, I think it would be Ralphie when he's dressed in his present from Aunt Clara.  Am I right?

I tried to hide some treats, both for Jenny and Wiley, inside the eggs. Jenny was more interested in rolling the egg, but Wiley began to catch on.

I can't believe he kept this in his mouth long enough for me to get a picture, but believe me he did wind up opening it and enjoying the treat inside.

Anyway, from our house to yours. . . 

Wiley and Jenny and Hubs and I just want to say . . . 

Happy Easter!  

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Monday, April 14, 2014


Kylie's story is short and sweet but her life has been very eventful.

 Kylie was dropped off at a gas station along with her sister when she was just a puppy.  

Right after that, her mom Sammantha ran into a friend at the park, who told her about these puppies she had found. 

She was going to take them to the shelter, but once Sammantha saw Kylie she was smitten. 

The next day one of her best friends adopted Kylie's sister, Molly, who now lives in Colorado and about whom Sammantha gets updates.

Kylie wound up with a life all dogs must dream about. 

She has travelled all over the place, including Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Washington DC.

 They have lived in Texas, Arkansas, and now Virginia for a bit. 

That's a lot of action for a dog who is not quite six years old. 

Sammantha has another furkid, Lizzie, whom we will share in greater detail on her own post. 

For now enjoy these beautiful pictures of Kylie, living her blessed and fun-packed life with Sammantha. 

Can you tell they love to hike?

Sammantha takes great pictures, and this one was a particular favorite.

Hard to imagine what Kylie's thinking about here. 

Probably how happy she is that she rescued Sammantha. ;-)

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Feel-Good Friday

I'm lucky enough in my line of work, teaching, to have students come to school wanting to share a funny video with me of a dog or cat or panda (I LOVE PANDAS) they may have seen online. And occasionally on test days I'll even play a few for them when they're all finished. These are some that we  shared this week. I shared one of my personal favorites, when Shorty the cat sees a balloon.  I cannot even keep track of how many times I watched this.  Click on the picture below.

One of my students then shared this adorable begging kitty with me.

I actually showed this video to Jenny and she was fascinated. She sat on my lap and we watched it probably six or seven times.

I shared the next video, of this ridiculous French Bulldog who doesn't want to go to bed, with my friend Katie, also known as Rosco and Owen's mom. 

For the record I bought Owen that shirt, and yes-it says "Chicks Dig Pianists." Owen has been a reluctant sleeper, so I told her maybe she should show him this video and have him sleep in a drawer. (I'M KIDDING ABOUT PUTTING HIM IN A DRAWER!)

And what has my boy been up to? No good, as usual. Here he is with a stolen box of cat food. Fortunately it was empty when he got his grubby paws on it.

Happy Friday everyone! 

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