Monday, April 14, 2014


Kylie's story is short and sweet but her life has been very eventful.

 Kylie was dropped off at a gas station along with her sister when she was just a puppy.  

Right after that, her mom Sammantha ran into a friend at the park, who told her about these puppies she had found. 

She was going to take them to the shelter, but once Sammantha saw Kylie she was smitten. 

The next day one of her best friends adopted Kylie's sister, Molly, who now lives in Colorado and about whom Sammantha gets updates.

Kylie wound up with a life all dogs must dream about. 

She has travelled all over the place, including Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Washington DC.

 They have lived in Texas, Arkansas, and now Virginia for a bit. 

That's a lot of action for a dog who is not quite six years old. 

Sammantha has another furkid, Lizzie, whom we will share in greater detail on her own post. 

For now enjoy these beautiful pictures of Kylie, living her blessed and fun-packed life with Sammantha. 

Can you tell they love to hike?

Sammantha takes great pictures, and this one was a particular favorite.

Hard to imagine what Kylie's thinking about here. 

Probably how happy she is that she rescued Sammantha. ;-)

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