Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Animals Behaving Badly: Part One

Well, a lot of our pets have been up to no good!  It all started with Wiley's crimes a few weeks ago. Some readers were kind enough to share some of their pets' naughtiness, just to make Wiley look a little less bad by comparison. We have enough pictures to post them today and tomorrow! Let's begin.

Just look what Rosco did to his brand new alien toy. If that toy knew a secret about him he'll never be able to talk now.


These toys seem to bring out the worst in our pets. Look what Harley did! It's downright gruesome. 

And she didn't even care! She just continued on her rampage. . .

. . .leaving total devastation in her wake.

She barely even looks chagrined about it. 

Then we have Leroy. See the white powder along Leroy's black muzzle?  He had just gotten done eating through the drywall in his dad's kitchen. His paws were white too. He has separation anxiety.

Here is Leo, a black lab puppy sleeping in his favorite spot in the shower.

That behavior, in and of itself, isn't necessarily bad. When he gets in the shower while his people are using it. . . well that's pretty naughty.

Lastly, we have Herbie.  Herbie has no shame in his game! 

He dug the dirt out of his mom's plant, and when she yelled at him, he rubbed into the dirt even more enthusiastically.

I'm sure all of us at one point or another have been tempted to give our pets an earful when they commit these criminal activities. I'm often reminded of one of my favorite Gary Larson The Far Side cartoons:

We all think our pets understand more than that, but it still makes me laugh every time.

Check in with the blog tomorrow to see the rest of the miscreants. It's not too late if you have something you want to share. If I can't fit it in tomorrow I can always use it the next time I do this promotion. As always, we need your rescue stories as well!


  1. Love it, and I can say I have been there with all the pictures posted. Is that good or bad ??? And the dog in the shower was a 120 lb GSD lol. Carol

  2. Carol-If you can laugh about it it's a good thing! haha