Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A bunny's identity crisis

Today's entry is unconventional. It's a bunny!!!!  A really cute bunny. 

Now, her family is having a tough time agreeing on her name. Sarah, the one who brought her home from the shelter, wants it to be Lilith, after the chilly Cheers character. Her family, fans of Eddie Murphy's stand-up comedy, insists it should be Lillian, after Eddie's mother.

Sarah met Lilithian (<--I'm trying it out) when she was working at the Hillside SPCA, which is also where Wiley, Rosco, Cujoe, and Rustle came from.  Lilith was building a nest in her cage, even though she didn't have any babies. In fact one of the shelter workers suspects she was "false nesting."

Anyway, obviously Cleopatra (<--- my mom had a bunny with this name when she was a kid) is adorable, and she did get adopted, but was returned for being too "aggressive."  So Sarah went back to cleaning her cage every weekend at the shelter, and not surprisingly, she got attached.

Now Lilith is living large, eating parsley 'til her heart's content and living in a veritable mansion.

Sarah says parsley, kale, and special pretzel-like bunny treats are her favorites.

I know we are all very grateful for the workers in various shelters. I don't know where they find the serenity to work there, and it should come as no surprise that many animals wind up joining their families. I don't imagine Lilith/Lillian/Lilithian/Cleo cares what she is called, as long as she gets her kale and her belly rubs!

Do any of you have rabbits as pets? Have you ever encountered the "false nesting?" Let us hear about it, and share some cute bunny pictures too!

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