Thursday, January 10, 2013


Is there a better name for a Dachshund than Schultz?  I don't know. . .it might be one of the best dog names ever.   Schultz came to live with Hannah and her family this past summer.  The story is a mix of sadness and mystery and destiny. Hannah's dad was visiting his recently widowed brother in Nebraska. Her uncle had fallen ill from stress and needed some help with the children. That's where her dad fell for Schultz. He had come from a shelter, had no medical papers, was very skinny, and followed Hannah's dad everywhere.

Bringing him back to Pennsylvania was not easy. It involved medical clearances (that got accidentally thrown out the first time) and logistics and arrangements and you all know how that can be.  But by the time he and Hannah finally met she says it was love at first sight! He helped her through some tough times. She said one of her favorite mood boosters was buying him toys, which he obviously loves!

Schultz fits in well with Hannah's other pets, a Weimaraner named Jager and a cat named Scar.  He sleeps with Hannah (naps too!) and recently they discovered he can sit, dance, and roll over. Awwww Schultzy!  Can I call you Schultzy?     How fortunate that Schultz and Hannah's family crossed paths.  It reminds me of the Waldo story, but also reminds me of how we came to get Wiley. That, my readers, is a story for another day. For now I leave you with this happy image: Schultz(y?) and his Hannah. Hannah and her Schultz. 

I think he's smiling. Doesn't it look like he's smiling?


Get in on this people! I'm going to need some more dogs to share. Get your pictures in. Don't worry about the story. I can make it sound good. ;-)

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