The best thing about blogs is the reader-generated content. Wiley and I are anxiously waiting to hear your rescue success stories.

  Generate some content with me please!   We have tried to provide a number of convenient ways for you to share, listed below.


  • Email me at with a picture of your dog and whatever portion of your story you would like to share.   
  • You can go to our Facebook page and send them as a message or upload them right to the page, whichever you prefer. (Don't forget to like us while you're there.)

  • You can send it to us via Instagram, by using the hashtag #rescuedogblog, or by identifying us in the comments with @rescuedogblog

  • Since we occasionally ask for pictures of any pet, even if it is not a dog or a rescue, please indicate if your pet is a rescue or not.
  • Be sure to include your pet's name and whether you want your name posted.

This is your chance to show the world what they're missing. 


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