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A few weeks ago we featured the story of a beautiful Doberman named Athena. I mentioned her terrible start in life in that post. She was found with another dog, Zeus, and they were in awful condition.

 You can read about that here, but be forewarned that the story is very graphic and traumatic. After Alexa adopted Athena and finally heard about her horrific past, she set about trying to adopt Zeus too, but he still had a lot of rehabilitation ahead of him and was not available. In fact, poor Zeus only weighed 62 lbs when he was found, and he now weighs 103 lbs!  He still has scars from where his hip bones poked through.

As Alexa continued to look for a friend for Athena, different dog opportunities fell through. Eventually she called the rescue who had initially taken in Athena and Zeus and found out Zeus was now available for adoption! Zeus and Athena were able to be reunited!!

Zeus was very different from Athena from the moment he arrived in Alexa's house. Athena was very happy to see Zeus but he was very reserved, just taking in his surroundings. Zeus needed lots of training, but he eventually turned into a proper gentleman.

 He is quite dog aggressive, but given his backstory that is no surprise. He loves to run around barking and burning his energy off, although he is a bit arthritic. 

He looks intimidating with all his scars but around Alexa he likes to nudge her when it's time to be petted. He chews on his Kong and hangs out in his pool. In fact he's the one who taught Athena that swimming is fun!

Unfortunately for Alexa, Zeus does not currently live with her and Athena (and her new puppy Novak).  Zeus went to live with Alexa's ex-boyfriend for the time being, and while she knows he is loved and well cared for, and she can go visit him, she really misses him and hopes eventually Zeus and Athena can be reunited. We here at the Rescue Dog Blog will keep our fingers and paws crossed that everything works out best for Zeus and Athena.

Many thanks to Alexa for sharing the story and for taking a chance on a so-called dangerous breed. She gave two dogs a wonderful life after they started out with every odd stacked against them. Thank you Alexa.

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