Thursday, August 15, 2013

Petey the Boxer

I've been waiting to share Petey the Boxer's story for quite some time now. It's a lovely story with the traditional good-feelings associated with it, but I wanted to make sure I had the time to include every little detail Petey's mom, Ann, shared with me.

Like many magical stories, it starts with a little toy store, where Ann was working when Petey was brought in for a Pet Adoption day by a shelter worker and his wife, who worked at the store with Ann. Petey wasn't really the best choice as a potential adoptable animal, since he was emaciated and wounded with fly bites. 

This 4 year old, shy, unsocial dog was brought along anyway, because he wasn't doing well in the shelter, South Bend Animal Care and Control, and the worker wanted to give him a chance. 

Well. . . of course it worked! Ann took one look at that pitiful pup and knew he would be joining her family.  She named him Petey after the dog on the Little Rascals, and Petey joined her old black lab Joe (who has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge) and her stray cat Frankie.

Ann is very lucky to have found Petey, who was more than willing to take a job outside of the home to help the family. Petey is the official and world-famous shop dog of Ann's store, an art store called Made in Michiana. 

 This is their official web page, and this link will take you right to Petey's page.  They have even named a dessert topping after Petey, with a portion of the proceeds going to the shelter.

This fall Ann is getting Petey involved in a project called HEAL, which pairs at-risk teens with shelter dogs. The project is described here, and its Facebook page is here

Petey has been good for business at Made in Michiana. People come to the store to get their "Petey fix", and the store also does Pet Adoptions the 2nd Sunday of every month. 

 Petey is becoming world famous, with fans on his Facebook page from England, Australia, and Italy! Speaking of which, check out Petey's page right here. Make sure you head over there and "like" the page and lots of the posts, so you continue to get Petey updates. 

Petey's fame actually lead to a connection between Ann and Petey's original owner, who had given him to someone else he thought was responsible but obviously was not. Petey's original human was thrilled to see Petey thriving and happy.

Ann knew that adopting a shelter dog promised more reward than risk, but who could have foreseen how wonderfully things have worked out for Petey? He is living a happy and blessed life and paying it forward at the same time! What a remarkable advocate for rescue dogs! 

Thank you Ann for sharing Petey's story but especially for seeing the true character of Petey when you met him that day in the toy store. Thank you for working with Petey to make the world a better place for rescue dogs and everyone else too. 

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  1. I was looking for pics of the Little Rascals dog Petey on the internet for work and was shocked to see my Petey's picture amongst all the others. I clicked on his pic and it led me here. I had forgotten about this. What a wonderful way to start the week. Update; I teach art to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Petey is also now a full time employee, he is our'Offical' floor inspectar. It is amazing the effect he has on our clients and staff❤. He even has a co worker that cooks and orders him lunch everyday. Nobody has a bad day when Petey is around. Petey also has a brother, Jones an older pit mix that took care of a woman in her 80's until she went into assisted living. Having no place to go he came to live with us. There is always a foster around as well. Petey is 9 1/2 now but still has plenty of love to give. Thank you for brightening my day❤.
    Ann Rudasics aka Petey's mom