Friday, August 30, 2013

Feel-Good Friday

I've done a fair amount of original Feel-Good Friday stories here on the blog, but this post is not one of them. It is my first full week back to school with the students and I. Am. Exhausted. So in lieu of original journalism, I'm going to share some excessively cute videos I hope you'll enjoy.  The first one is kittens sleeping on a puppy. Yeah, that's right. Kittens actually sleeping on a puppy. I wish Wiley would be this mellow around kittens. Click on the picture below.

In the next video, we seem to have a new definition of the word sheepdog. Click and see.

And finally, this might be one of the strangest animal friendships I've ever seen. I couldn't stop watching. 

 I honestly kept expecting to find out the above video to be a fake. It seemed like a promotional video for Hogwarts! Nonetheless, as far as I can tell it's real, and it's spectacular. 

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Our next post will be our Back To School special. In the meantime, you have plenty of time to take pics of your pets' Puppy Dog Eyes and get them in to me. Don't forget to share your rescue story too. Email me at

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