Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Empty Nest

April, Wiley, and Amy enjoy the oversized couch.

Soooooo.If you're a regular reader here you might know that Amy came to live with us earlier this summer. Hubs, Wiley, and I have loved having her. With Amy came her sister April as a frequent visitor, which we also thoroughly enjoyed. Wiley especially had quite a thing for April. He loved to pester her, as he is doing with his paw in the picture below.

 Then he swiftly went in for the kiss.

 And finally he decided even that wasn't close enough, and he climbed on top of her. And no-he is not doing anything naughty in this picture.  Just some harmless closeness.

As I've mentioned before when talking about Wiley's rescue story and the story of Amy's room, he is very good at sensing those who need some comfort, and providing it. Amy and April have had some rotten life circumstances put on their plate so if you're spiritually inclined prayers and positive thoughts would be appreciated. 

Wiley enjoyed sprawling between the girls, getting not one but two sets of petting hands!

And when he could barely contain himself anymore, he brought the other love of his life into it. . .  the tennis ball.

April was nonplussed at Wiley's generous offer. He got some scratches as a thank you.

This is Wiley's triad of happiness. Two affectionate girls and a tennis ball is a great way for a rescue dog to spend the evening.

Alas, as both sisters ventured off to college this week our household has taken a turn for the emptier. Between my return to work (which I describe here) and Amy leaving, Wiley is moping around all day. To be honest, so are the rest of us a bit.

Amy is all moved in to her dorm, though, and happy about it too.

See the black and white pillowcases in the background?  She made those!

This is the finished product, although I tried to explain to her she didn't really leave enough room for books! LOL

The only issue she has is a set of "ghost" drawers in her cabinet that positively will not stay closed. Every time she closes them they open by themselves. It gave us all a good laugh on Sunday though. Here she is trying various ways to make them stick, unsuccessfully. 

The trade-off for the haunted drawers is that she has this view from her window:

While we're happy to see Amy get started on the next phase of her life, it means no more nights like this for us or Wiley, at least not for a little while.

And though both girls might get mad at me for this post, since I'm not even sure they knew I was taking pictures of them hanging out with Wiley, I still want to wish them all the best and tell them how proud I am of all they've done so far and all I know they will do.

Wiley and I will keep our spirits up by continuing to share your beautiful rescue stories and pictures so keep them coming. Email me at

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