Thursday, August 22, 2013

Photo Share, Puppy Dog Eyes, 3

Puppy Dog Eyes. . . our dogs are soooo good at them. I asked you to share pictures of your pets' Puppy Dog Eyes, and the pictures have been very amusing. Here are today's:

Odin is below. Isn't he magnificent? His coat is so shiny and beautiful. We are trying to get his mom to submit his story to us.

Next up are siblings, Ares and Isis. Ares is below, and Isis (beneath Ares) bears the distinction of being our first story on the Rescue Dog Blog. Just look at her!



 Then we have Rosco. Yeah, I share Rosco a lot on here. What of it? He is the perfect Rescue Dog Blog story, because not only is he a sweet little love, but he also converted his family into "dog people."  They even made him a cake for his "Gotcha Day," which was this past Monday, by the way. Happy Gotcha Day Rosco.

Finally, we end with a Caesar Teaser. I say teaser because we have a few Caesar pictures to share. This is the first one; you'll have to live in suspense for next week to see the rest.

KEEP THOSE PICTURES COMING PLEASE! Our Photo Share posts have been getting lots of hits so this is your chance to make your pet a star! Email me at

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