Friday, August 9, 2013

Follow-Up Feel-Good Friday!

The Rescue Dog Blog loves follow-up stories. The only thing better than sharing a dog who found a furever home is checking in on that dog later on to find he is just as happy as he could possibly be. So today's Feel-Good Friday is a two-for-one. Or is it a two-for-two?  We are following up on the dog who was found nursing a kitten in South Carolina. This is the link to the first time we talked about this precious pair, back when the shelter workers hadn't even officially named them yet in the hopes their original owner/s would come forward to claim them.

That didn't happen, so the staff at the Anderson County PAWS Shelter named them Goldie and Kate, after the famous mother/daughter actresses Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson.  The shelter had hundreds of requests to adopt the pair from all over the world. In the end they decided to give them to Joe Harris and his wife, who had lost their beloved dog and cat pair Samantha and Simon within two months of each other in 2012.  

The duo remain as close as ever, with Kate still requesting a nightly nursing and Goldie still letting her. You can see a video of the two at play here, and a video of the original news story from Fox Carolina here. We wish Goldie and Kate a long and happy life together!

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