Sunday, December 23, 2012

'Tis the Season for Cats (and cows?)!

      Wiley has a confession. He is afraid of cats.  To be fair, he is also afraid of inflatable Christmas decorations, the vacuum, walking in open spaces, people who open their doors while we're walking, other dogs in general, and the adorable puppy next door.  Anyway, it's Christmas, and he is feeling festive, so enjoy some Christmas cats!

 This is Herbie.  Herbie is half-Persian, yet he was found in a barn. Designer pets don't have to come from pet stores or even breeders.

 Do you remember Kit Cat?  Here she is in her Santa suit.

And here's Little Cat.  She was featured with Kit Cat, but she also showed up on our first Christmas display.

Merry Christmas to all of Wiley's furry friends, even this cute little Christmas cow starring in her school's Christmas pageant. Ok, ok, she's my niece. I'm sharing her too. Blogger's prerogative.

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