Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post-Christmas cuties.

     We had a few readers share some Christmas pictures of their pets, and it seems like things are coming up labrador. First, meet Duke!  Duke is a very handsome dog, and he knows it. He looks like he could be on the cover of a Christmas card!

Duke is a good sport for his mom, Kayla.

Next we have Jake. Jake is too much of a sweetheart to tell his mom Jen he doesn't want to wear his Christmas sweater. His eyes kind of give him away though.

We go from the big stoic breeds to a little puffball. Here is Gracie in her Christmas collar. She had never met Katie before, and yet here they are celebrating Christmas together.  Gracie has never met a person she didn't love.

Or maybe Gracie was just feeling extra friendly because she was drinking out of her dad's glass when he wasn't looking!?!

These pets were certainly a big part of our holidays, but I wouldn't expect anything less. If you have anything to add, please share it with us!

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