Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The guest room

     Wiley is definitely a velcro dog. We are sure that somewhere along the line he has Border Collie or Aussie in him, and we know we are his herd. After we brought him home from the shelter, it took months for him to attempt any independence.  Then one morning he wasn't in the bed with us, and he wasn't lying right next to it either.  I called out "Wiley?" and I could hear his tail thumping in the spare room. I found him all curled up on the guest bed with this teddy bear.
     All the blankets were pushed into a heap and the teddy had unfortunately lost his arm.  I knew from that point on it was going to be impossible to keep him from seeing that bed as his own personal dog bed.  I've stopped trying; I just keep it covered with lots of old sheets and blankets. He always starts out in the bed with my husband and me, but he usually winds up right here.  If you ever have to stay at my house for any reason, I promise I have special "people" sheets for the guest room-Harry Potter ones, as a matter of fact!


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