Thursday, December 20, 2012

Edible Christmas Cards!

Cujoe is on the right and Gracie is on the left.

      Look what Wiley got in the mail the other day from his "Aunt" Gracie and "Uncle" Cujoe.   I suspect Nana had a hand in filling out the paperwork.

     If you've never seen or heard of Crunch Cards before, they are an edible card for dogs (well, I guess humans could try them if they wanted to, but they're not the intended consumer).   They are the size of a greeting card, but slightly thicker.  They bend, sort of like cardstock, but they don't tear. Basically imagine a sheet of rawhide about the thickness of a manilla file folder. 

Wiley was prancing around as soon as he smelled the envelope, but then he wasn't sure what to do.

<---"Uh, am I allowed to just pick it up?"

 "I'm trying, but it's hard to get."--->

<---"Can you please help me?"

       "Yes! I'll be on my way now."--->


  Once he realized he was allowed to chew it (which may or may not have involved me pretending to chew it to show him), he went to work.


     I had never heard of Crunch Cards. I don't know where Cujoe and Gracie heard of them either, but I am including a link here because Wiley absolutely loved his card.  You're looking at total customer satisfaction. Thanks Cujoe and Gracie (and Nana)!

And while we are on the subject of Christmas. . . get your Christmas pictures in!

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