Sunday, December 30, 2012

This is my required snow post.

It snowed here yesterday. Since it is the first significant snow of the season, it's all anyone talked about. Facebook blew up with pictures of people and animals playing in snow, landscapes covered in snow, and rulers measuring snow. And I hated every last flake. When I win Powerball I will be blogging from Savannah, Georgia, during the winter months. Of course, you're not here to read about me. You're here to read about the one member of our household who actually loves snow.

In Pennsylvania, he will definitely be indulged.  Anyway, let me tell you about the game Wiley invented for himself.

Our yard has a few stairs at the end of it, leading to our gate.

For reasons known only to Wiley, he decided to run up the little hill next to the steps and push his ball through the wrought iron banister, where it would land at my feet.

I swear we were not keeping him in a snowy prison. I don't know why he was so fascinated with this.  




The first time he dropped the ball, I kicked it down into the yard and he chased it.  



Where is it? Where is it?

Gotta find it! Gotta find it!
I found it!

After that there was no stopping him.


Kick it again!

And again!

                And again!

Eventually the cold took its toll on those of us who weren't wearing a fur coat. I had to insist we call it quits, much to his disappointment. Still, he waited patiently on the porch to get toweled off before he was allowed inside.

And please don't judge us by the number of dirty nose prints on the screen door. We are hoping that eventually it will be so covered people will think we have expensive frosted glass.

How did your dog handle the snow?  Also, please don't forget to share your rescue story if you haven't yet. We have a few good stories coming up this week, but then we will need some more. You can click on the link above to share them, or you can share them on our facebook page or via private message.

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