Monday, June 30, 2014


We're back!  Did you miss us?  I'm so sorry we've fallen off the face of the earth.  For whatever reason this school year took up 100% of my time during the last month of school. As many of you know, lots of teachers take work home, but usually I can find some of my own time to squeeze in a few things here and there. Not this year. And I'm quite sorry about that. Once the year ended, I wound up being quite busy with another endeavor, which I promise to share with you quite soon. However, for today, let's focus on Spock!**UPDATED-See below!

Kathi, Spock's mom, told me that through her research and the shelter in which Spock was waiting for her, she learned Chihuahuas are the second most common breed to end up euthanized. 

Kathi grew up with small dogs and had a Chi a few years ago who crossed the Rainbow Bridge far too young, so she has a real soft spot for the breed. She has two other small dogs, Laney and Fritzie, 

and a big fellow named Murphy, featured here on the blog.

 After she got Murphy from the Richardson Rescue, she continued to follow their Facebook page, and one day they ran a few pics of available Chihuahuas. 

She found herself mentioning these dogs to her husband several times, each time being met with a positive response. She was dragging her feet a bit, however, worrying about the effect a 4th dog would have on the other three. 

After a week passed and she was still thinking about these dogs, she decided to fill out an online application. Too eager to wait for their response, she called the rescue right afterward and they told her since she had previously adopted from them she was already approved!

She and her husband weren't quite sure which Chihuahua they wanted, so they met a few. In the end they chose Spock because he seemed very friendly with the other dogs and people too. 

However, he was still a puppy, so they were a bit nervous about bringing such a young dog home. On the ride home he threw up on his new mommy but Kathi is no rookie at rescuing dogs and had lots of towels ready in the car. 
The first night at home took some patience as he didn't want to sleep in his "nest," aka a crate, and he cried for awhile. 

However, Murphy sleeps downstairs on the sofa, and her other two little ones sleep in their nests, and she was determined to wait him out. Now Spock loves his nest and goes in there all the time, willingly.

Spock has been navigating his way into his place in the house over the past seven months. 

He and Murphy get along great, going for walks together and playing tug of war. 

Spock also likes to catch balls and collect sticks. 

The older dogs, Laney and Fritz, tolerate his playfulness, although there are definitely times when Fritzie decides she is not having it. Spock has had to get a time out or two in the process, but for the most part his adjustment has been smooth. 

Kathi recently shared this picture of Spock on her Instagram @klouklotz:

The nosey boy was trying to see what his mom was doing while she was watering plants. She assures us he was only looking, not trying to escape, and he wasn't hurt in the slightest. Haha poor Spock. I'm surprised his ears fit through there!

**Kathi just (very graciously) informed me, upon reading his blog post, that they had Spock DNA tested when he was neutered and it turns out he's not a Chihuahua after all. He's a real mutt. Here's the chart snapshot she posted on Instagram a few months ago(sorry I missed it Kathi):

 We all know it doesn't make Kathi or our regular blog readers love him any less. In fact, it might make us all love him even more. Kathi-thanks for being so cool about my error. ;-)

I want to thank Kathi for sharing Spock's story, and also genuinely thank everyone for their continued support and encouragement throughout my time off. 
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