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Murphy is our featured pet today, and isn't he just a good-looking boy?  He is a doberman/doodle mix. What!?! Yep. How did those two breeds come together? Is he one of those designer dogs or just a good old-fashioned mutt/mixed breed?  (And does he really have a mohawk?-yes)

Well, at first Kathi didn't know. She tells us when they got him at the shelter, Richardson Rescue, all they were able to tell her was that he was surrendered by a previous owner due to the owner's disability. Later a DNA test showed four generations of Doberman and Doodle, which doesn't matter to her except to guide his health needs down the line.


But I'm getting ahead of myself in the story. It started when Kathi, who already had two little dogs, Fritzie and Laney Lou, thought maybe she'd like a bigger dog for additional company and security when her husband traveled. 

She has allergies and was thinking about a standard poodle or poodle mix of some sort, and initially as she did research she also looked into breeders.  However, she began to think that rather that undertake a puppy and its responsibilities, especially in the winter, she might browse through some rescue dogs. That's when she saw Murphy. 

She sent his picture to her husband at work, who reacted with surprise since he thought she wanted a puppy.  Nonetheless, he forwarded Murphy's picture to everyone on his staff, and it didn't take long until the peer pressure kicked on and they all decided Kathi and her husband needed to go check out that dog.

The shelter was about an hour away, and Kathi's husband began readying the house for the dog before they'd even left. When she said she thought they were just going to "check him out" he said if they liked him he was coming home with them right away.

At the shelter Murphy greeted them at the door. He towered over the other dogs, and weighed 72 pounds at the time. He's now up to 87! 

They took him for a walk and he loved it, even though he pulled quite a bit. They kept thinking there had to be some hidden "catch," but the shelter workers assured them he was a gentleman, and they decided to trust them. They were not disappointed! 

Murphy was home in time for Christmas, and this past December they celebrated his one year Gotcha Day. 

He had a few health setbacks with his paws and a mysterious limp that had to be treated with paw soaks and rubs. Then he had a tumor on his ear but thankfully it was benign. 

 Murphy is a sweetheart with the other dogs, including their new and rather small chihuahua rescue, Spock. 

As long as Murphy get his attention from his humans, when he wants it, he's happy. 

 He loves to be in the yard patrolling for squirrels and deer.

He rides well in the car (although he doesn't like jumping out, as you can see from his hesitation below) and graduated from a basic training class. 

 He does have a few hangups though, but don't we all? He doesn't like bright or flashing lights, even if a light reflects off of a mirror.

 Apparently he also steals and eats food he finds on the ground, like this English muffin. Wiley does that too! It's so embarrassing! I'm afraid people in the neighborhood think I don't feed him.

He also hates the rain and has to be coerced into bathroom breaks when it's coming down outside. 

Basically, Kathi and her husband can't believe their good luck with Murphy. He has become a valued member of their household, and serves as far more than a sense of security for Kathi. 

As always, we never know what treasures are waiting for us in shelters. Luckily Kathi decided to find out, and we thank her for sharing Murphy's story. 

She also plans to share Spock's, so we have that to look forward to. By the way, Kathi takes beautiful pictures not only of her dogs but of nature as well. If you're on Instagram you should definitely follow her @klouklotz. 

Finally, she wanted to recognize all the great people at Richardson Rescue, who are some of the kindest and hardest working people she knows. She says Janet, Laura, and the rest of the staff go out of their way for these animals, and are only funded by public donations. Thank God for people like them. I'm sure Murphy is very grateful for his new life.

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  1. We adopted Milo from Richardson Rescue. We were so surprised at how well their dogs are taken care of.There are so many. We would not hesitate to adopt from here again.