Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Puppy Bowl Sunday

As far as Super Bowl posts go, it's hard to top last year's Puppy Bowl celebration with Wiley, described here and pictured below. 

Although I have to mention, he was not digging the kitten halftime show, and insisted I change the channel.

I'm not sure how he'll handle it this year, now that Jenny's in his life. Probably the same as last year, or maybe he'll be even less enthusiastic. BOL!

This year we are laying very low for the Super Bowl and Puppy Bowl. I already have some idea what to expect from the puppies thanks to Buzzfeed's 61 Adorable Behind-The-Scenes Moments At Puppy Bowl X. If you didn't read it yet just click on the title to check it out.


I'm also pleased to see that a semi-local rescue dog is going to be in the Puppy Bowl this year. Aurora is a deaf Dalmatian from a Middletown, Pennsylvania rescue, which is about an hour from me. You can click the picture below to see more about her. Remember all the puppies in the Puppy Bowl are available for adoption.


Getting back to our day, it's going to be pretty low-key. Wiley is only moderately interested in football. 



Most of the football he does follow is at the college level, particularly Penn State. So when I told him today was the big day, he humored me for a bit. When he realized footballs weren't like tennis balls he decided to pass. <--Sports pun!



I gave Jenny the football. Her first questions were "Can I eat it?  Can I fight it?"  



She wasn't the least bit intrigued when she found out there wasn't anything she could do with it.



Usually in our house the most exciting thing about the Super Bowl is that it's an excuse to eat foods that are bad for us. However, seeing as how Hubs is still fighting a stomach virus and/or having digestive issues, even that fun is out.



Not to mention we're in the process of having our kitchen ceiling fixed after the bathroom leaked through it last summer, so basically it is a mess of construction dust and tools. In fact Wiley's suggestion was to just save money and time and make a frozen pizza. Isn't that rather pathetic as far as Super Bowl parties go? 



Oh well, to be honest all I care about today are watching some cute pups playing, and I'm not talking about Peyton Manning either. Otherwise the only significance of the Super Bowl for me is that it means we are one day closer to spring, and baseball season.



If you're a big NFL fan I hope the game is every thing you'd like it to be. If your team is playing I hope they win. And if you're in the market for a new dog, I hope you'll take inspiration from the Puppy Bowl and GET A RESCUE.  


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