Friday, February 7, 2014

Feel-Good Feline Friday

Ok so welcome to our first official Feline Feel-Good Friday. Today's feline of choice lives with Emily

 and she is a 13 year old Siamese named Mira. 

Here she is posing with a rescue guinea pig named Seamus.

We can see who calls the shots in her relationship with Emily's dog, Ava!

Thanks for sharing Emily!

And  speaking of felines, check out this picture of Jenny from yesterday:

That cat is out to get me.

Finally,  shout-out to my main canine squeeze for keeping me warm in a week full of snow and ice. Wiley was not pleased that I had to take time out of our ball game to shovel the driveway.

Ok, now for the Feel-Good portion of our show.  Click on the picture below to go to an adorable video of cats and dogs squeezing into things that are too small for them.

The blog will soon need some more of your amazing stories so email me at to share. Don't forget I want pictures of your cats too. We'll put them on our Feline Friday, just like Mira up there!

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