Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winter Winner

As the Rescue Dog Blog expands Wiley and I have been trying to get it noticed in various forms of social media. We have over 1000 followers on Instagram, over 500 on Facebook, and around 250 on Twitter.  We believe the more people who get to see and read about what great pets/companions rescue dogs are, the more people will rescue. To that end, the other day on Twitter when @PSACsports asked for examples of school spirit, we couldn't resist participating.

You see Wiley's dad, aka the Hubs, is an assistant coach for Kutztown University's baseball team. They are a Division II school that's part of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference, or PSAC.  Soooo, guess whatttt?  HE WON, of course. ;-)

His package came in the mail today.

He was pretty excited when I told him about it.

Now, getting the tshirt on him, which was the first time he was ever dressed, did not thrill him. It took a lot of carrots. This is his "Really mom?" expression.

Here are a few shots where you can see him looking right at the carrots. Eyes on the prize people. 

Anyway, he really wound up being quite cooperative, and so here he is saying "thank you" to the PSAC, in his own way.

The package even came with a nice little note from them thanking Wiley!

 You know what the best part about all this is? Spring sports season has begun!  Yes we may be surrounded by snow and ice and cold, but just like our athletes have begun readying themselves for their competitive season, having faith that it will be here soon enough, so too must we hang on in there, because it's coming! And Wiley will be rocking his new PSAC shirt when the spring weather gets here.

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