Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fanny aka Fanny Pack, the Fanster, Fanny Bananny

I've mentioned Fanny many times here on the Rescue Dog Blog, most notably when she came to the high school where I teach. Two shelter workers, Alex and Sarah, brought her in for their Senior Research Project about shelter dogs. 

You see, the reason they brought Fanny in was because she was their shelter's most veteran resident, having been there for three years!!!! This is her profile. 

Mercifully she was at the Hillside SPCA, which is where we got Wiley. They are a no-kill shelter, so despite Fanny's apparent un-adoptability they not only kept her, but spoiled her with runs for cheeseburgers and hot dogs. 

When Fanny came to school, I just so happened (being the amazing photojournalist that I am) to capture this moment of her kissing Luke. Little did she know (or maybe she did know?) that one day Luke would be her dad.

Time went by and Fanny languished at the shelter. In the meantime, Luke's dog Leroy, whom we have frequently mentioned, continued to suffer from separation anxiety. Click here to see the damage Leroy is capable of. 

Near the end of last summer, Luke and Kim decided to start walking dogs at Hillside. That's when Kim met Fanny. 

Readers,  Alex and Sarah are smart girls. They knew the moment they saw their former art teacher show up with his kind-hearted girlfriend they would be able to sucker him into taking Fanny home.

The rest is history. Kim convinced Luke to give Fanny a try. Of course the first step was making sure Leroy got along with her. 

Well get along is an understatement. He and Fanny are best buds. They play-fight constantly, but at the end of the day adding Fanny to the family turned out to be exactly what Leroy needed.

 He hasn't destroyed a thing since Fanny joined them! 

Fanny is a bundle of energy for sure. She gets long walks that barely burn it off. Luckily she expends a lot of it wagging her tail and licking everyone's face. 

A few months ago I couldn't resist buying her a tutu and getting a few shots of her to share with Pit Bulls in Tutus on Instagram.

 It was a difficult task because she never sits still long enough. 

I finally decided to write up Fanny's story after a visit to Luke's last night. When I got there, I sat on a chair next to the couch. 

After Fanny got finished with the first round of bathing my face, she extended herself like this from the couch to my leg, because there wasn't enough room to sit on my lap. Can you even handle this cuteness? 

Of course I had no choice but to kick Luke off the couch so Fanny could snuggle with me, at which point she fell asleep sprawled on my knee. It didn't seem comfortable but hey-what do I know?

Readers, this dog went unadopted for THREE years. She is housebroken, trained, sweet, playful, loving, and smart. And no one gave her a chance except Hillside SPCA. 

These are the dogs waiting in shelters. 

I hope you'll share Fanny's story with other people. She is the epitome of why we should give rescue dogs a chance. They should be our first choice, not our last resort. 

This sweet girl restored balance to Luke and Kim and Leroy's home and hearts. This is a Rescue Dog!

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  1. Love our Faaaannnnnn!!!!!! She is and always was a wonderful dog! she is so very lucky to have a great hom ewith two wonderful people AND her buddy Leroy!