Friday, August 30, 2013

Feel-Good Friday

I've done a fair amount of original Feel-Good Friday stories here on the blog, but this post is not one of them. It is my first full week back to school with the students and I. Am. Exhausted. So in lieu of original journalism, I'm going to share some excessively cute videos I hope you'll enjoy.  The first one is kittens sleeping on a puppy. Yeah, that's right. Kittens actually sleeping on a puppy. I wish Wiley would be this mellow around kittens. Click on the picture below.

In the next video, we seem to have a new definition of the word sheepdog. Click and see.

And finally, this might be one of the strangest animal friendships I've ever seen. I couldn't stop watching. 

 I honestly kept expecting to find out the above video to be a fake. It seemed like a promotional video for Hogwarts! Nonetheless, as far as I can tell it's real, and it's spectacular. 

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Our next post will be our Back To School special. In the meantime, you have plenty of time to take pics of your pets' Puppy Dog Eyes and get them in to me. Don't forget to share your rescue story too. Email me at

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mister Buddy

 Have you ever had a bond with a senior dog?  Obviously that's a rhetorical question. If you're reading this blog you love dogs, and if you love dogs that love doesn't stop when they age. It actually gets stronger, and a little softer. As in just looking at them makes your heart feel soft. 

Randy and Darlissa have a special bond with Mister Buddy. They haven't had the chance to know him all through his life. They took him in as a senior.  Whew. What an honorable thing to do. It's so important to make sure older dogs have a happy retirement and feel loved and comfortable.

However. . . our readers are dog people. We fall hard and with all of our hearts.  So giving that much of ourselves to a dog whose time is limited is really risky. But look at Mister Buddy.   He deserves love.  

Randy and Darlissa had been around dogs their whole life. They have family members who work with rescues, but their dogs have always been purchased from breeders. So what convinced them to take a chance on a rescue dog who was also a senior?  That's the riskiest kind of endeavor.  

Mister Buddy did. He convinced them by showing up at their door in the middle of the night. A neighbor had seen him before, about 10 blocks away. And yet this old guy had found his way all the way to their house, where they found him sitting on their front porch staring at their door. I have a tear in my eye just thinking about it!

Now that Randy and Darlissa have experienced first-hand the heart and soul of the dogs out there looking for a home, they are converted. Well, we knew that would happen, right readers? That's sort of the whole point of the Rescue Dog Blog. We are here to tell people that it's the best risk you can ever take!

They did share that Mister Buddy doesn't like to have his picture taken, and at this point in his life we certainly aren't going to make him do anything he doesn't want to do. Many thanks to Randy and Darlissa for sharing their story, and especially for opening their hearts to a dog who will now live out his life with love and care. You are special people.

 Let's keep spreading the truth about rescuing. Keep your stories coming. Email me at

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Photo Share, Puppy Dog Eyes, 4

It's the fourth week of our Puppy Dog Eyes Photo Share, and the great pictures just keep coming in. Let's start with our second picture of Caesar, whom I teased you with last week. 

Oh mannnnnn. He is sooo irresistible. And he has a brother, Moose, who is pretty skilled in the same area.

There are actually some other pictures from the same household, Lauren's, that I'm going to share next week too. I think you're going to be impressed when you see them.

Moving on, we have Pip. Janine, who works for the Hillside SPCA (former home of Wiley and a few other dogs we've featured here) fostered Pip after he was taken out of a terrible hoarding situation. As you might guess the minute you look into his eyes, he was a foster failure. She just had to keep him.

Ruby has been on the blog before. Look into her eyes. Deeply into her eyes. sighhhhhh.

Maxi is a cute and happy dog I met through Instagram @Maxiboysdays. I keep telling his human he would make a great feature story for the blog? What do you think?

Finally, I leave you with Wiley's puppy dog eyes. I shared this picture on Sunday, but in case you didn't see it it's worth sharing again. And if you did see it, so what? Look at it again anyway. It's precious.

Awwww. My boy.

So, what is your situation? Do you have a dog?  Does it have at least one good eye*? Then get a Puppy Dog Eyes picture in to us. There are no special requirements at all. Just email me at and I'll share your picture!

*Please don't think I'm being disrespectful here. I'm serious. Suzy shared Isis and she only has one eye. 

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Buster Brown

So this is Buster Brown. I shared him a few weeks ago during one of our Puppy Dog Eyes Photo Shares. And boy does Buster ever know his way around Puppy Dog Eyes, huh?

Buster came to live with his foster parents, Jeff and BB,  because he needed some extra attention before he was ready for adoption. He was found on the streets, ribs showing, with terrible allergies that made his hair start to fall out.

 But Buster’s misfortune was over. His dog destiny had been fulfilled when he came to BB, because she is a real sucker for rescue dogs. She has four dogs and two foster dogs! 

As you might be able to guess, Buster wound up being a “Foster Failure.” After nursing him back to health BB just couldn’t send him anywhere else.

Buster is a famous alumnus of the SouthBARK  program. They are entirely foster-based and pull animals from high-kill shelters in the Gulf Region of Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. Can you even imagine the number of lives they have saved?  This is a link to their Facebook page.

This guy is super sweet. He loves all dogs and lets the little dogs walk all over him. He also loves water and being outside, especially if he can just relax in his lawn chair!

 Thank you so much to BB for sharing all the details with us about Buster, and for everything she and her family do to save dogs every day! We wish Buster a long happy life with his furever family! It seems like he has it pretty good.

You can share your pet's story with us on the blog. Just email me at!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday's Grab-bag: Gossamer

I've done a Wiley bath post once before.  Since that time Wiley has become increasingly cooperative when we take him; he even walked up the metal ramp on his own this time.  He still hates it, but he pulls and struggles less. While he is getting a bath he can see out a huge window and into the store. This latest time we were there an employee was juggling tennis balls. Look at his face- Wiley was concentrating as hard as possible.


He was so comfortable this time that he even showed some joy in looking for a reward. 

Usually I take him through the store to pick but he doesn't really show any interest. He just wants to leave. This time he investigated. Of course he wound up with a tennis ball.  Here he is staring longingly at it while we wait in line.

Another change is that he was interested in the ball as soon as we got in the car. Amy offered it to him and I said "Oh, he probably won't play with it. He is usually too nervous in the car." Well. . .  shows what I know!

Look at his face when I told him we couldn't/wouldn't play with him while the car was moving. Talk about Puppy Dog Eyes.

Anyway, one of the reasons I decided to address bath time again is because of a change in Wiley's coat. He has finally started to get (and shed) a thick undercoat. 

We have had him two years and he didn't have the undercoat before, even though we are well aware that Aussies have them.

 In fact I remember discussing him with one of the shelter workers who didn't think he was an Aussie because he didn't have the doublecoat. 

When people come to visit who haven't seen Wiley in awhile they say "Oh look how big he got," or "He is so chubby!" 
The patented dog shake move.

  Uh. . . . there are plenty of chubby things in this house but the dog isn't one of them!

 It's just this new growth that makes him look like a bear. I'm brushing him three times a week now. 

I'm not sure why it has taken two years for it to come in. Anyone have any ideas? I don't care that he has it. It should actually help him regulate his temperature better.  It does take forever to dry when it's washed of course but that's to be expected.

Before I close, I just have to share this with you.  I'm a big fan of Looney Toons cartoons, and we even considered Gossamer as a name for Wiley because of his color. Every time he gives his paw, which he insists on doing at least a dozen times per day, I can't help but think of this:

Thanks Amy for taking such great pictures!

If any of you readers have any idea why he's just getting his undercoat now feel free to comment here or drop me a line at In the meantime, tomorrow is the first day of school for the students. Wiley will not like the fact that I'm gone. Keep us all in your thoughts for a smooth and safe first day, and I'll try to get a rescue story up and running by Tuesday. Thanks!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

What did you miss? 8/19/13-8/23/13

My week began by me wearing two different shoes to work. So. . . it could have started better. BOL. (Bark Out Loud.) Anyway,  here is a little description of that day.  After that I shared how Wiley, Hubs, and I are dealing with our empty nest. Click here to read about taking Amy to college.  On  Thursday I continued to share reader-submitted photos of PUPPY DOG EYES. Boy we have a lot of pets who have that look down. Keep submitting your pics please.  Finally, I was so happy to share our Feel-Good Friday story. Fanny went from the shelter to a home, and we are hoping and praying it's her furever home. If things work out you can expect a lot more coverage on this story in the future. 

In the meantime, keep reading our happy rescue stories and keep sharing yours please! Email me at

Friday, August 23, 2013

Feel-Good Friday

Ok Readers-you have a job to do. Whatever it is you do to wish someone well, whether it's prayer, crossing fingers, lighting candles, saying "no whammies, no whammies, no whammies," rubbing your synthetic rabbit's foot (because we don't want to promote actual rabbits' feet here), looking for 4-leaf clovers, or picking up pennies, you need to do that for Fanny, Leroy, Luke, and Kim.  

I featured Fanny's story way back in March. I'm sharing the link here and you need to go back and read it. Fanny came home with Leroy, Luke, and Kim on Wednesday, and so far, so good. But you know how it is introducing a new adult dog to another family pet. It's tricky to navigate. Part of me literally wants to shoot confetti out of a cannon I'm so excited that: A ). Fanny may have found her furever home and B ). I will get to be around her all the time! 

But. I'm sometimes embarrassed to say it readers but I am a worrier. Neurotic. So I just want everything to go really well for a little while before I officially start talking about Fanny's furever home.  

Send all the positive vibes to this expanding family because no one deserves it more than Fanny. I hope to be able to share continued good news about this special dog. 

As always, email your stories and Puppy Dog Eyes pictures to me at

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Photo Share, Puppy Dog Eyes, 3

Puppy Dog Eyes. . . our dogs are soooo good at them. I asked you to share pictures of your pets' Puppy Dog Eyes, and the pictures have been very amusing. Here are today's:

Odin is below. Isn't he magnificent? His coat is so shiny and beautiful. We are trying to get his mom to submit his story to us.

Next up are siblings, Ares and Isis. Ares is below, and Isis (beneath Ares) bears the distinction of being our first story on the Rescue Dog Blog. Just look at her!



 Then we have Rosco. Yeah, I share Rosco a lot on here. What of it? He is the perfect Rescue Dog Blog story, because not only is he a sweet little love, but he also converted his family into "dog people."  They even made him a cake for his "Gotcha Day," which was this past Monday, by the way. Happy Gotcha Day Rosco.

Finally, we end with a Caesar Teaser. I say teaser because we have a few Caesar pictures to share. This is the first one; you'll have to live in suspense for next week to see the rest.

KEEP THOSE PICTURES COMING PLEASE! Our Photo Share posts have been getting lots of hits so this is your chance to make your pet a star! Email me at

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