Saturday, August 17, 2013

What did you miss? 8/11/13-8/16/13

Readers, I hope you'll indulge me a bit if I say this week was one of my favorites so far on the Rescue Dog Blog. On Sunday I wrote about some of the advantages of rescuing versus buying. I tried to do it without being preachy or condescending. I hope I accomplished that, and I also hope that if you agree you'll share that post with lots and lots of people via Facebook or Twitter or email or whatever way you can.  

Tuesday I had the chance to pay tribute to some wonderful people who were a part of my upbringing, and I think it was a great way to build on Sunday's rescue momentum, really emphasizing how special it is to save an animal. 

Wednesday was Puppy Dog Eyes! Please keep sharing your Puppy Dog Eyes with me and the blog.

Thursday was another perfect example of what rescues can do, with Petey the Boxer showing us how he now goes to work with his mom, works with at-risk youth, and generally lives the best life a rescue could ever dream of.

Finally on Feel-Good Friday we had some smiles with a really adorable Buzzfeed article and the cutest porcupine video you've ever seen, although to be fair I'm not sure how many porcupine videos you've seen. 

I also shared some tips and requests regarding the Rescue Dog Blog's Facebook page on Wednesday. Here is some of that same information, in case you didn't see it:

As some of you know, in an attempt to get more money Facebook now limits the number of people who see "Page" posts with a "special algorithm" based on the most popular posts and/or those people who pay to promote. 
The more you interact with any Facebook page, the more likely you will continue to see their posts. The algorithm used changes and adjusts frequently but the common thread is the same: if you interact with it, you will get more of it.

You need to go to the Rescue Dog Blog's Facebook page and like a lot of posts. You need to keep liking them in order to continue seeing them. This way you won't miss out, not only on our blog posts, but also on the silly and fun things I post in between, like this picture of Leroy which I posted last night.

Finally, I leave you with a video I captured of Wiley a few days ago. He was talking in his sleep, but unfortunately I only got a few seconds before the beeping of the camera woke him, so I actually looped the video here. I apologize for the lighting but if I would have turned on more lights I would have woke him. 

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