Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Photo Share: Puppy Dog Eyes, 1

Today is our first day of the Puppy Dog Eyes Photo Share. For more information on how that works click here. I have gotten lots of submissions via Instagram and Facebook. These are just a few and there are plenty more to come so if you have any good pictures it's not too late to submit them.

This is Ilsa. She is patiently waiting for her mom, Regina, to finish riding the exercise bike so they can go outside and get some of Ilsa's type of exercise.

Onyx was just featured on the blog this week!  You can read her story right here.

Gina and Schyler have been generously sharing their house with lots of rescues, a few of whom we have already featured. We will keep those stories coming as they provide them, but in the meantime here are some great Puppy Dog Eyes from their pack.  The first one is Dakota.

This is Moo Latte.

Mr. Wilson is a new foster of Gina's.

And Isabella has some of the best Puppy Dog Eyes I've ever seen. She is pictured at the top of the page and below. How does Gina manage to say no to this face?

So those are just a few of the submissions we have received. Keep your pictures coming. Surely your dog makes some good puppy dog eyes!

Before we conclude, I'd like to welcome a friend of mine to the Dog Rescuer's Club. Janet just welcomed Dobby into her home. He had been at the Hillside SPCA since April, which is wayyy too long for a dog to be without a furever home.  Dobby loves four-legged creatures but is very frightened of the two-legged variety. It will take a lot of patience and time to teach Dobby that he is safe now. 

Welcome aboard Janet. Once you rescue a pet you'll never be able to get one any other way. Take lots of pictures and keep us posted!

Readers, please email me at with your pets' stories and photos. Don't forget about our Photo Share as well!

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