Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Buster Brown

So this is Buster Brown. I shared him a few weeks ago during one of our Puppy Dog Eyes Photo Shares. And boy does Buster ever know his way around Puppy Dog Eyes, huh?

Buster came to live with his foster parents, Jeff and BB,  because he needed some extra attention before he was ready for adoption. He was found on the streets, ribs showing, with terrible allergies that made his hair start to fall out.

 But Buster’s misfortune was over. His dog destiny had been fulfilled when he came to BB, because she is a real sucker for rescue dogs. She has four dogs and two foster dogs! 

As you might be able to guess, Buster wound up being a “Foster Failure.” After nursing him back to health BB just couldn’t send him anywhere else.

Buster is a famous alumnus of the SouthBARK  program. They are entirely foster-based and pull animals from high-kill shelters in the Gulf Region of Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. Can you even imagine the number of lives they have saved?  This is a link to their Facebook page.

This guy is super sweet. He loves all dogs and lets the little dogs walk all over him. He also loves water and being outside, especially if he can just relax in his lawn chair!

 Thank you so much to BB for sharing all the details with us about Buster, and for everything she and her family do to save dogs every day! We wish Buster a long happy life with his furever family! It seems like he has it pretty good.

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