Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spirited Cats

So I've been trying my darnedest to get some good Halloween pics of Jenny. She is such a beautiful cat but boy does she hate to be dressed. 

All I did for these pictures was tie a tutu around her middle and I paid for it.   Here she is attempting to bite my ankle.

 She also worked vigorously to remove herself from  said tutu. 

Oh the indignity of it all!

If only Jenny could be more like Sven and Olaf, who live with my friend Katybeth and her family. 

They are two rescue cats whose stories we'll feature in the upcoming weeks.  But for now, let's just acknowledge that Olaf is a bit more accommodating than Jenny when it comes to getting dressed up.

Poor Olaf. He's dressed up like the wrong Disney character for one thing! Although at least the Little Mermaid is close to his Nordic Hans Christian Andersen roots. 

Now the question is, who wore it better? Katybeth's daughter Peyton, or Olaf? 

I refuse to pick a winner. I just laugh out loud every time I look at this, and that's good enough for me. 

Just in case there weren't enough identity issues going on in their house, here's Peyton this year for Halloween, and she's dressed up like a cat!

Hmmmm. Something tells me the people in Katybeth's household like animals or something. . .  

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