Friday, October 10, 2014

Feline Friday: Jenny in Disguise

The subject matter of today's Feline Friday post just served itself up to me on a big juicy platter a few hours ago. I was in the living room tying my sneakers, getting ready to take Wiley for a walk, when I heard a lot of rustling in the kitchen. Last week, Jenny discovered the empty plastic that encloses a case of water and she shoved herself into it. 

I think she thinks we can't see her at all when she's in there. 

When it came time to put the garbage out to be collected last Sunday, Hubs and I just couldn't bring ourselves to get rid of it because Jenny seemed to love crawling in it.

So bringing ourselves back to the noise in the kitchen, I walked out to find this.

I couldn't stop laughing. In fact, I forgot to turn the video camera horizontally, which I've been making a concentrated effort to do lately. Sorry!

I even went ahead and made a meme out of Jenny, but if you have a suggestion for something better, I'm open to it.

Oh yeah, and I didn't forget about my promise to post a new Halloween picture each day. Actually, consider this your second picture, because the first one is Jenny in her "Case of Water" Halloween costume.  Here she is again!

Do you have fall pictures to share? Scroll down through the other posts to see what kinds of pictures you should contribute and  email me at or contact me through one of the methods below. 

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