Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thing One and Thing Two

Readers- it is so hard to get a decent picture of Wiley and Jenny together! SO HARD! It's hard to get a decent picture of Jenny to begin with. She never stops moving. And then Wiley gets anxious because she's moving all over the place and well. . .  this is the best I've been able to do so far.

The good news is neither one of them seemed too afraid of their first experience with the balloons, so I can keep trying there.

Still, a year ago at this time this wouldn't have worked. I know, I tried. You can actually see her leaning away from him, while he looks petrified.

Also, look how long and healthy Jenny's fur has become since last year. Her coat is unbelievable.  Sometimes I forget just how far she's come. . . how far they've come. Here they are trying to cuddle with me first thing in the morning, as I sit down to enjoy my coffee. She is on an ottoman, while he has sandwiched himself between me and the footstool.

That's a new thing they've been doing the past few weeks, a moment of silent companionship, a "Good Morning Mom! Even though we slept on you we missed you. Do you have to go to work today?" type of moment that I should know better than to take for granted.  I am blessed, whether they'll pose for me or not.

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