Thursday, October 2, 2014

Just Getting Started

So Wiley found out I wanted to get lots of October-themed pictures and he approached me with some Halloween beads he wanted to model.

I tried the traditional look but he told me the beads got lost in his glorious locks of hair and he wanted something more noticeable.

I accommodated him. 

He accommodated me. 

What a good sport he is. 

Of course, he's pretty smart, because he made a point of letting me know that he's not the only one around the house who can slip into a pair of beads and create the Halloween mood.  See the picture below? The look on Wiley's face says it all, "Uh, Mom, there's a furry critter right behind me on the counter who needs a turn with these beads I'm holding."

Tune in tomorrow to see if I got Jenny to cooperate.

Remember, I love sharing my pets and I will continue to do so but if you have fall-themed pictures I will be glad to share them here. All I need is the picture and your pet's name. All pets will be featured here, not just rescue pets. So get in on this! Click here to see yesterday's post, which explains what I'm looking for and how to get it to me!  Thanks!

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