Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Dog Did What To Your Homework?

Tonight, like many nights, I settled in to do a bit of schoolwork. I was on the recliner, with a pile of poetry analyses propped on my laptop, which was on top of a pillow. This is my free version of a lap desk. Hubs wasn't home, so the house was quiet. Wiley and I had already taken a nice long walk, and the animals had been fed their supper. However, it turns out that was not enough. Wiley was evidently feeling neglected, because he first came and stood with his front paws on the recliner, staring me in the eyes. When I didn't respond, he flopped himself down across the my lap and the students' work, sending my purple pen flying. Here is an aerial view.

And I took this with the reverse feature on the camera, holding the phone at arm's length with the lens facing me. 

Now I have to go into school tomorrow and return papers that look like this to my students! BOL(Bark Out Loud)!

Speaking of BOLing, here's a sneak peek at one of Wiley's Halloween costumes. Enjoy it you will. 

All this week I've been asking people to vote for Wiley and Jenny in a Penn State Pets contest. However, the contest was going on for a week before we entered it, and some of the pets had leads that were just insurmountable. There is still plenty of football season  left, so I have decided to enter some pictures in a different week, and right from the very beginning, to give ourselves a better chance to win. The winner gets a $50 gift card to a local grocery store, which I will donate to the local pet food pantry if we win. Stay tuned for an explanation of how you can help. 

Do you have fall pictures to share? Scroll down through the other posts to see what kinds of pictures you should contribute and  email me at or contact me through one of the methods below. 

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