Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wiley Humors Me

Today is the day you can finally see that yes-Wiley does occasionally get tired of posing for me. Doesn't his face just say "Really mom? Another picture? Another silly outfit?"

As I played around with props Wiley gave up and just pretended none of it was actually happening. 

But then I caught Jenny trying to decide if she wanted to get on the bed or not, and the look on her face cracked me up. She is most definitely "sooning" Wiley, which she constantly does to me because she is a weirdo! I think most cats are.

Remember to look back over all the posts from October. Each one links to the previous one, or you can just scroll down the page. Here is yesterday's, and as you work your way through you'll get a sense of what I want from you and your pets for our Fall themed pictures. I'm starting to get some sent in to me now- keep them coming!

While you're here, how about you head on over to this photo contest and vote for Wiley and Jenny?  You need to like the Facebook page of Weis Markets, but once you do you can vote for us every day until Saturday. If we win the $50 gift card we'll donate it to the local Pet Food Pantry. 

We are definitely cuter than the pets beating us. Click below to vote, and if you already did, remember you can vote every day. 

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