Monday, October 6, 2014

Witchy Wiley

As promised, here's your daily Halloween picture: Wiley in a witch's hat.

Now, while you're here, how about you head on over to this photo contest and vote for Wiley and Jenny?  You need to like the Facebook page of Weis Markets, but once you do you can vote for us every day until Saturday. If we win the $50 gift card we'll donate it to the local Pet Food Pantry. 

We are definitely cuter than the pets beating us. Click below to vote, and if you already did, remember you can vote every day. 

We have had a few pictures come in for us to share here on the blog. Keep them coming! If you haven't seen all the pictures we've shared so far, you can start here and work your way backward. Anything fall related is welcomed, and don't forget we'll take all your pets' pictures, rescue or otherwise.

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