Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Baseball

I promised a new fall-themed picture for all 31 days of October, and I intend to deliver. However, today was quite a busy day so I am a bit late getting this post together. I took Wiley to one of his dad's fall baseball games. He was not thrilled, as he never is when he is around large groups of loud and busy people.  You can see the neuroticism in his gaze. 

And this look says "When are we done?"

But my favorite moment of the game was when Wiley spotted his dad walking around the backstop and out to coach 3rd base. He did not take his eyes off of his every move. Today might have been the first game I took him to where he realized Chad was out there on the field. Normally he refuses to even look at all the action. So I guess this is progress?

After we came home I was lounging around when I snapped this picture.  Every single night he gets fed at 7, and it was 7:02 and I wasn't showing any signs of getting ready to feed him. He was a wee bit dramatic about the whole thing. BOL.

Now, readers, I have a major request!  I have entered this picture of Wiley and Jenny into a contest sponsored by Weis Markets grocery store. The weekly winner gets a $50 gift card to the grocery store, and if we win I will donate the card to our local pet food pantry in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Can you go vote for them? You will need to like the grocery store's Facebook page, but once you do you can vote every day for the rest of the week! Wouldn't it be great if we could get the food pantry a gift card to buy whatever they need?  They help keep animals with their humans and out of shelters.

Click below to vote:

Finally, here's you super-duper Halloween picture! Wiley is sporting an orange and purple jester's collar with little spiders hanging off of it. I was almost afraid to touch it. hahaha

Okay, don't forget we want your pictures. Click here to see what we're looking for, and to catch up on all the fall pics we've shared so far!

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