Thursday, October 23, 2014

Which Witch?

Since I'm going to share Wiley and Jenny on this post, and I got scratched by Jenny in the process of taking these pictures because I wasn't giving her treats quickly enough, this post is going to have to count for two days worth. Yes, I know that's sort of cheating, but I also know tomorrow will be very busy, and I won't get to update the blog. So this will have to do, and this is pretty stinking cute. 

Wiley has developed into a champion of posing with headbands.

Jenny, on the other hand, cannot stand it. I try so hard but it doesn't help when they are too big and she never sits still. 

Luckily Wiley overcompensates for her. 

Make sure you get your pets all dressed up with no place to go and get their Halloween pictures to me ASAP. Next week is going to be fun-filled with plenty of good costume pictures; share yours too!  Email me at or contact me via social media.

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