Friday, October 3, 2014

Feline Friday: Jenny's turn

When we left off yesterday Wiley was insisting I put the costume/props on Jenny for a change, instead of him. Recently she has become very interested when I'm taking pictures of him; I'm assuming it's because she's noticed he gets treats. I showed you this picture of her hovering in the background on the kitchen counter.

However, getting Jenny to comply is a very complicated process. For starters, she does not want to wear anything except her collar. It's easy for me to put new bandanas on the collar, but everything else is a struggle.

Not only does she squirm around and try to remove whatever she's adorned with, but she's also bitey and scratchy. And fully clawed with sharp pointy teeth.

Even when I can get her to keep something on, she never sits still. She knows treats are coming and immediately begins rubbing on my phone or my hand, even purring and rolling. Hence, you will see a lot of blurry pictures. 

I always get sooooo close to the perfect shot, but she tends to thwart me. The best I could do was this one:

I swear she's doing it on purpose, but she has underestimated how stubborn I am. Are your cats any more cooperative than this? If so I would love a picture to share here.  Email me at

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