Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hairy Pawter and the Ladybug with Claws

EDITED: Sorry but I just had to add: Wiley made it onto Buzzfeed's "33 Pets Who Are Totally Winning Halloween!"   I'm so excited. Click here to check it out:

I was going to save Wiley and Jenny and post them on Halloween, but I honestly can't wait anymore. I figured if I post it now it gives people even more time to check them out while they're feeling that good Halloween vibe. 

Any readers who know me personally know that I am obsessed with the Harry Potter series of novels. They are my favorite books to read of all time.

 I even have a hand-made Harry Potter quilt my mother made for me one Christmas, and in case you care, I was in my 20s at the time. BOL! I don't care; there's no shame in my nerd game. I was very excited when I found this Harry Potter costume at a local discount store. 

Although it's intended for humans, I think Wiley wears it like a champ!

Jenny's costume came from a thrift store in Philadelphia. 

It's meant to be worn by a small dog, so the head/hood wouldn't fit on her because it was a bit too big.

 However, the price was right and I couldn't resist. She hated it and she hated me. 

She tried to hide her shame. 

 It took lots of treats to even get one decent picture. 

I also found hair barrettes at a dollar store so I managed to get her in one of them as well.

Now, as you well know, I can never get Wiley and Jenny in a picture together for various reasons. However, while I was trying to get a picture of Wiley to send to Beggin Strips for their #holloween promotion, in which shelters get donations of their treats, Jenny could not resist nosing her way into the picture to see what kind of treat Wiley was getting that she didn't have but definitely wanted. 

Can you believe how focused he stays on me and the treat I was holding in my hand? 

I seriously never thought I'd see the day he had bacon treats next to him, had the cat rubbing up against him (first time ever), and did not react in the slightest!

 None of my friends who know Wiley could believe it until they saw it with their own eyes.

Okay, so there you have it. Share these pictures with everyone who might enjoy them and share your pet pictures with me!

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