Sunday, November 3, 2013

Farewell Halloween 2013!

Goodbye to Halloween 2013, one of my favorite Halloweens due to all the great pictures of pets in costumes I've been able to pass along to you.  

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Now, without further ado. . .

This is Newt. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge last December. This picture is from a few years ago. He's not a Doberman, and he's not a Doberdog, he's a Dobercat. BOL.

Newt lived with Paige and his brother Sampson.

Now Sampson lives with Isabella (and Paige of course).

You can follow them on Instagram @PMAXSTRONG1.

This is Sonic and Chimmi showing their Halloween Spirit. 

They are on Instagram @CHIMMI_LAND.

Next we have Arthur and Wilson. 

These black beauties are on Instagram @MARYDIBO2.

Some of our Halloween pet pictures have glowing eyes. My photoshop skills are non-existent with them, so let's pretend they are part of the scaryyyyy effects!  Such is the case with Candy and Coco below.  You can click on their names to read their rescue stories, and you can follow them on Instagram @lovely_syl.

Below is a beautiful dog I've been following ever since I got on Instagram. You can follow her @nani_theredtriaussie.

Thelma's picture is a perfect blend of fall beauty and Halloween cuteness. Sorry, Thelma, you just don't make a scary witch!

 Follow Thelma on Instagram @THELMA_LOU_THE_BLUE_HEELER.

Look at Rufus!  Isn't he spectacular?  We hope to feature his story in the future here on the blog. 

He can be followed on Instagram @rufusgrrram.

This is the second Halloween picture we've shared of Nina and her brother Seger. We've had Nina's story on the blog before.

I couldn't resist sharing a few more of their special Halloween costumes.

Nina's mom made her this costume! She says Nina is a Halloween princess.

Here is Seger, showing his Halloween enthusiasm. Follow Seger and Nina @segertheaussie.

The blog has previously shared all of Holly's beautiful pets she's welcomed with a generous heart. This time I just wanted to pass along her artistry:

Brava Holly!

Of course, we need to share a few doggie pics too!

And this picture of Holly's daughter as "Abbey Bominable" and her little abominable "snowmen" is my favorite costume of all I've seen this year!  Perfection!

  Follow Holly @canadog on Instagram.

Rosie is all dressed up with nowhere to go because it rained on Halloween where she lives.

Her brother Buddy looks pretty disappointed too.

You can follow both of these cuties on Instagram @universaljane.

Ohmygosh look at the Minis dressed for Halloween!  

We've featured Tica and Vida before on the blog. They are on Instagram @kimpucca14.

Hmmm. . . do you trust Dr. Lyle?

If so you can page him @kml_lmk on Instagram.

Tony may look sweet and innocent but those prisoner stripes suggest otherwise.

Tony lives with Cathleen and the rest of his human family. They are on Instagram @cnalli0517.

If Hubs had known this costume existed I think it's safe to say we would have been spending Halloween with Bark Vader. 

Jackson looks pretty intimidating in it doesn't he? BOL. Follow Jackson @jacksontheaussie.

Roxy is another dog I've been following for a while on Instagram @OURMTNDOGS. 

She sure looks different as this pretty fairy than she did when I featured her before on the blog.

When it comes to original costumes, it's hard to top Daisy's banana split. BOL. (Hey-that's kind of a pun. . . top her banana split!)

 And here Daisy is having a real identity crisis!

 Sorry Daisy but I can't stop laughing at the picture above.  You can follow Daisy @gal_vet.

I must include one more Luna picture, even though we had her on earlier in the week. We will feature Luna's full story soon so don't worry.

Follow Luna on Instagram @lunathetoona.

My friend Stacy shared this picture of her new puppy Cocoa, whom we introduced here, posing with a family friend, Colie. As Stacy said, Cocoa is channeling her inner alien here.

And here's Lizzie, enjoying her special Halloween treat.

Madeline sent us this picture of Regan. This is how she greeted the trick or treaters.

Sam shares Axel, who is a very patriotic pup for Halloween.

And lastly, I must include Mr. Wilson in his Halloween costume. He is a combination of some of my favorite things in this picture: a mixed breed dog and a character from the movie Magic Mike. BOL. We have featured Mr. Wilson's household before on the blog, which you can read about here. Don't worry, we will give Mr. Wilson his own feature soon. In the meantime you can follow him on Facebook at Mister Wilson.

Finally, Wiley and Jenny appreciate all the time and attention sent their way this Halloween. If you haven't seen their Halloween pictures yet click on the picture below.

Their page will also tell you how you can vote for Wiley as "Supercute" on Buzzfeed.

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