Tuesday, October 8, 2013


The Rescue Dog Blog has a new puppy!  From time to time we're lucky enough to have a reader share a puppy with us, which is always exciting because we get to watch them grow and flourish in their new furever homes!

This puppy is named Cocoa Alice. Her first owners called her Cleo, but Stacy's family felt she needed a fresh start. In honor of their move to Hershey, Pennsylvania two years ago they settled on Cocoa.

They already have an adorable little dog named Amelia Rosalie, so if you're a Twilight fan you may recognize where the middle names come from in Stacy's family. 

Cocoa was only 7 months old when she got a broken leg and her owners no longer wanted her. Sighhhhh.  So they dropped her off at a shelter.

Stacy had been wanting another dog to add to the family. Her husband Chuck was not convinced, but her children Trey, Elyse, and Sage were on board.

Stacy started looking online at various rescue dogs and shelters, searching for a little dog who would suit their big family. 

She saw a litter of Shih Tzu puppies online, but decided to hold off on inquiring about them. Instead, she made plans to attend Woofstock in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a huge event for all dog lovers with shelters and rescue groups well represented.  

Stacy and her family went looking for some of those Shih Tzus, and instead her "eyes met an adorable little chihuahua, sitting very low key while two Pomeranians in the play area with her were rough housing."

That little chihuahua tugged on her heart strings, especially when she heard her background story.

Stacy appealed to Chuck's philanthropic side, reminding him that the easy thing to do in this case was not necessarily the right thing to do, and now Cocoa has a fresh start, a new name, and a furever family who is committed to making her feel at home, even if that involves house-breaking a 7-month old puppy.  Be strong guys! You can do it!

In the interest of full disclosure. . . I've known Stacy since we were in a playpen together. If I told you how many years that is I would give away preciously guarded secrets. Anyway, it makes my heart happy to see her so happy, and I hope she will keep us posted on Cocoa's transition and new happy life!

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