Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday's Grab-bag. . . Aunt Mara

So. . . what have I been up to this weekend? Well thank you for asking!  I've been up to all kinds of things. 

Yesterday I went to a little birthday party at my friend Carrie's Nana's farm, which I featured in this post this summer.  The party was for her sweet Georgia Kate, whom my niece Olivia made fast friends with this summer. 

Georgia is the one in the birthday cake hat, in case you couldn't figure it out. The dog in the party hat is Carrie's mom's, Jaroo.  In the picture below Carrie's son Thomas is roaming the farm with Jaroo, and in case you're wondering, the day was just as beautiful as it looks in this picture.

After the party Olivia came to our house for a sleepover. She came with me to feed Luke and Kim's dogs (more on that below), and got lots of licks from Fanny. 

Then she got to meet Jenny, who was in the mood to be loved and petted on. 

She even let me pet her belly a bit before she decided she'd had enough of that.

Of course, no one was more excited to see Liv than Wiley. He went crazy over her, and then when she woke up this morning he went crazy all over again. He insisted on sitting on her lap.

He was also relentless in giving her kisses and generally getting as close as possible.

After breakfast and Wiley-time Olivia and I were on our way back to her house, after church and a quick visit to my parents, where I took this upcloseandpersonal picture of their sweet rescue Gracie while she was sitting on my lap.

So, already I've shared plenty of happiness for the weekend, but I want to show you some pictures of my visit tonight to Leroy and Fanny. I apologize in advance that some (most) of Fanny's pictures are blurry. She never stands still long enough for me to get a good shot. I'm starting to think she might be blurry in real life.

Their dad, Luke, is on a fly fishing trip to New York. You'll be able to read about it on his blog,, if that's your thing.  

Their mom, Kim, is working middle shift this weekend, so I was on  dog duty at feeding time. Tonight I let them out to frolic in the yard first, but Leroy did his business and immediately wanted to go back inside.

 He knew I was there to feed him, and was not appreciating any kind of delay. As Fanny sniffed and ran around the yard, Leroy pouted from the deck waiting for her to finish.

Before too long I fed them both and settled in on the chair to snuggle and play a bit.  I couldn't resist helping myself to a glass of water. Kim's fridge has a crushed ice setting and everyone knows crushed ice tastes better than regular ice.  Even Fanny knows that.

Of course, because she's so cute I got this idea in my head that I needed a selfie with her as she snuggled on my lap.  However, she cannot resist going in for the kiss as soon as she gets close, so every attempt was thwarted by her licker.

I got down on the floor to play, and that turned into a lickfest too. She does this thing where she shows all her teeth like a weird monkey/dog hybrid. . .

If you didn't know her you might find it terrifying, but I think it's her way of saying, "Thanks for playing with me. Now get ready for way more kisses."

Eventually even Leroy, who occasionally likes to act too cool for school, couldn't resist getting in on the action.

So I grabbed a quick selfie with him. He's much easier. He actually cooperates. 

Basically, I was blessed many times over this weekend while being Aunt Mara.  Carrie's children have always called me that, and of course Olivia does. But Leroy and now Fanny do too. I'm so lucky! Good thing I have tomorrow off though to recover from all my Aunt Mara duties. lol. I even had to kill this stinkbug while I was taking care of Leroy and Fanny!

Yuck. Let's not leave each other with that picture being our last image. I submit this adorable picture of Wiley giving Livvy his paw. Over and over. haha.

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