Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Minis, Part III: Dynamic Duo

Wednesday is usually a day dedicated to Photo Shares. Right now the blog has a few photo shares going on, and one of them is Dynamic Duos. 

What better example of Dynamic Duos than the Minis!  We've featured Part One and Part Two of their story, where we gave each dog its day. Today we will conclude their happy story.

Part Two ended with Kim and Miles teasing their hosts in Costa Rica that they wanted to take the Minis home with them to upstate New York.  

At first the idea seemed a bit far-fetched, but as they continued on their vacation to other parts of Costa Rica they settled in on the idea to make it happen.  

By the time they got home they emailed Veronica to start making the arrangements. 

It took two weeks; on March 19th they went to the airport to pick up the Minis and introduce them to a whole new world of snow and cold in Rochester, NY. 

Since that time Kim and Miles have been confident it was one of the best decisions they've ever made.

They chose the names Vida and Tica. Vida is Spanish for "life" and Tica is slang for a Costa Rican woman. 

Vida has turned out to be the dominant one. She is confident and out-going, whereas Tica takes a bit more time to warm up to new things.

Kim describes both as smart and eager to please. They accompany their parents as often as possible, whether they're hiking or lazing about on the couch. 

The Minis just turned one not too long ago. 

We look forward to fun updates on these sweet dogs as they go through their first full New York winter.

Thanks Kim for sharing your sweet girls with us! Readers, keep the Dynamic Duo pictures and the rescue stories coming. Email me at

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