Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Week Day 2

We have more Halloween pictures to share, and front and center is my niece Sadie and my parents' dogs, Cujoe, on the left, and Gracie on the right.  Three busy little bees.

Luna is in her granny wig, but we can still see her youthful visage. . . you're not fooling anyone!

Oh Davey. . . just when I think you couldn't be any cuter you go and prove me wrong.

Here's sweet little Wendy the rescue dog, ready to save the day!

HAHAHAHA Marco! Slow down buddy.

Look at Khaleesi! Isn't she the sweetest little taco!?! I just started following her on Instagram @chuglybetty.

And this picture made me go "EEEEEEEHHHHHHEEEE!"  I cannot even deal with both the cuteness and the cleverness of dressing Lyle and Eli like Bert and Ernie!

So far we have had some great pictures shared! Keep yours coming all this week. Email me at pabibliophile@gmail.com.

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