Thursday, October 24, 2013

Help Your Pets Enjoy Halloween

We (Wiley, Jenny, and I) are very excited here at the Rescue Dog Blog as Halloween approaches. Last year at this time the blog was just an idea floating around in my crowded brain, but this year it is a reality, and more successful than I had ever dreamed. The secret to my success is Wiley and my readers. 

You see, we all have gorgeous and adorable pets, and people love looking at pictures of them. And let's be honest. . . is there a better time of year for ridiculously cute photos than Halloween? The answer is no. If you disagree with me the answer is still no. 

Before we go into any further discussion, I must share this really important infographic from The Uncommon Dog. Clicking on their name will take you to the home page of their website, which is filled with high-quality products for our precious pets. No, I don't get anything from them for sharing their site with you. However, I love that they cater to our dogs' specific needs, like making special beds, and stairs for our pets who need a little extra help before they hog our beds all night. 

Anyway, The Uncommon Dog has put these tips together all in one place to help us keep our pets safe, healthy, and happy at Halloween.

If the print isn't big enough here for you to read it, click here to go to the image directly, where you will be able to magnify it.

I especially like tips 6, 7, and 8, which address the kinds of stress Halloween trick-or-treaters and Halloween costumes can cause our pets. I may dress Wiley up for a 5 minute photo shoot, but he just isn't ready to venture out into a parade in a costume. 

He would have a meltdown about every part of it.  I also find out when kids will be trick-or-treating and avoid walking him during that time. He would be terrified of kids in costumes, and a terrified dog is an unpredictable dog.

Wiley's Halloween antics are limited to here in the house, with a never-ending supply of carrots. They make him highly cooperative. 

Jenny, on the other hand, was none too pleased to be sucked into my Halloween shenanigans.

 It was easy to put the Bee Costume on her, but as you can see from the look on her face, she would have stung me if she could. 

Getting the costume off of her?  Well.   That took some time. And some Neosporin for my scratches. 

 I deserved them, of course. 

If I had to do it all over again I would.

 Seriously.  Look at her expression. In the pictures below, the only difference between the two is the position of her tail because she was twitching it so hard.  She is one angry bee.

Wiley, on the other paw, is just my sweet little cooperative boy. Even though I have him dressed like a Super Hero Drag Queen, he still gives me some good quality pictures. 

Ok, from time to time he looks a bit sad.

Then I think of all the nights he wakes me up trying to spoon closer to me, literally kicking me in the ribs, and I think "Oh he can wear this stupid costume for a few more pictures." 

So, there's a little preview of Wiley's Halloween look. Guess what? He has not one, but two other costumes to show you, and I'm working on a third. In the meantime, I bet many of you have great Halloween pictures to share with our readers. Remember, we want your pets. Cats are welcomed too! Our job is to show the world that rescue pets are every bit as precious, special, and adorable as the alternatives. Email me at!

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