Friday, October 25, 2013

Feel-Good Friday

Today's Feel-Good Friday is short and sweet. First, I want to remind everyone to get their Halloween pictures to me. 

Second, I want to share this great story about the Kansas City Pet Project. Remember Rosco?  Of course you do.  Well, he and new baby brother Owen have been getting along swimmingly, in case you were wondering.

 Anyway, Rosco and Owen's dad Matt shared this story with me, and it was definitely worth passing along.

 Last weekend this organization, which is a combination of a few city shelters in Kansas City, broke all its adoption records and were able to adopt out every single dog during their Mega Match-a-thon. 228 dogs were placed! 

  That is remarkable!  Especially for a city shelter. Click here to read more about this progressive shelter organization and all their hard work.

Thanks to Matt for sharing, and to Katie for taking so many adorable pictures of Owen and Rosco!

Ok readers. Spend your weekend dressing up your pets and taking pictures. See if your pictures are as cute as the ones I shared yesterday! Email me at

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