Monday, October 7, 2013

April in October

Bigggg weekend for Wiley, Hubs, and me!  Amy was home from college for her first visit. If you're a regular reader of the blog you may remember Amy. She came to stay with us when she needed a place to be. 

Her sister April was also here with her quite a bit in the summer, and this weekend we celebrated April's 21st birthday.  

Wiley has a real attachment to April. 

To be honest, I think Wiley, like many dogs, perceives real  sadness in people and is drawn to those who need him.  

No doubt anxiety is on his radar too,  but there's something about him that tells him when to reach out, and he always does that around April, like he does around me. This weekend was no exception.

In fact Wiley was just thrilled in general to have a house full of people he loves. 

April's boyfriend Shawn was here.

And Katie and Jackie were here too. 

They've stayed with us before; Katie spent her last few holidays with Wiley and us, so he was just about as happy as he could possibly be to have that many people to love. 

Wiley is absolutely driven to give Katie, a self-professed "cat person," as many kisses as he can sneak in.

We took our first dysfunctional family portrait:

Later, on the patio outside (the weather was so cooperative for October) we took a few more.

We sang "Happy Birthday" to April before she blew out her candles.

Wiley did not know what to make of the whole situation. Check him out in the background of this picture, "singing" along.

Then we decided to try for a picture with me in it as well. I inexplicably decided to lean forward, and so I sort of think I look like the Travelocity gnome or something equally unsettling.  Still, everyone else looks nice so I'm including it anyway.

While I was getting ready for our guests and baking April's cake I discovered that Jenny is completely unrepentant about begging for and stealing people food. She constantly jumped on the counter and I picked her up each time and deposited her on the floor. After four attempts she finally just sat on the kitchen table staring at me, waiting to make her move.  I went to wash my hands and when I turned around her face was in the cake.  You can see the noseprints in the icing. 

She also got a nice sniff of the empty bottle of wine used in the sangria before she was unceremoniously carried away again.

If you have been reading the blog regularly you may notice Amy's hair is all gone! Where did it go?  

Well one of the things she did on her visit was get it cut off to send away to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program, which donates wigs to women suffering from cancer. 

She wound up getting 13 inches cut off, but she looks great!

 I was particularly happy to see Amy and April have some time to spend together since their colleges are too far apart for them to get to see each other.

And don't think Jenny didn't eventually get comfortable enough to put in an appearance and soak in all the attention.

In fact Wiley got a bit jealous when April picked her up.

 It was a lovely day that reminded me that I am blessed with the family I was given, the one I married into, and the one I'm cultivating right now. It gives us a lot to celebrate, and Wiley's not one to let a celebration come and go without thoroughly enjoying it!

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